23rd DECEMBER, 2011

Don 2

GENRE Action, Thriller
DIRECTED BY Farhan Akhtar
CAST Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, Om Puri, Kunal Kapoor, Aly Khan, Nawwab Shah, Saahil Shroff, Florian Lukas and Lara Dutta
Story An international gangster turns himself in, then dramatically escapes - only to face treachery & betrayal.
Shah Rukh Khan
...  Don
Priyanka Chopra
...  Roma
Boman Irani
...  Vardhaan
Om Puri
...  Malik
Kunal Kapoor
...  Sameer Ali
Aly Khan
...  J.K. Diwan
Nawwab Shah
...  Jabbar
Saahil Shroff
...  Arjun
Florian Lukas
...  Jens Berkel
Lara Dutta
...  Ayesha
Farhan Akhtar
...  Director
Ritesh Sidhwani, Shah Rukh Khan & Farhan Akhtar
...  Producer
Farhan Akhtar, Ameet Mehta, Ambrish Shah
...  Story & Screenplay
Miriam Joseph
...  Associate Producer
Arunima Roy
...  Executive Producer
Mathias Schwerbrock - Film Base Berlin
...  Co - Producer
Farhan Akhtar
...  Dialogue
Jason West
...  Director of Photography
Sebastian Wurm
...  Associate Production Designer (Germany)
T.P Abid
...  Production Designer
Anand Subaya
...  Editor
Nigel Holland
...  Associate Sound Design (Germany)
Nakul Kamte
...  Sound Design
Javed Akhtar
...  Lyrics
Shankar,Ehsaan & Loy
...  Music
Vaibhavi Merchant
...  Director of Choreography
Bettina Helmi
...  Associate Costume Design (Germany)
Jaimal Odedra
...  Costume Design
Action Concept
...  Action
Aadore Mukherjee
...  Casting Director
Devika Shroff
...  Head of Marketing
Jaswant Singh Hinduja
...  Chief Financial Officer
Bimal Parekh & Company
...  Chartered Accounts
Hariani Co. & K.Gangadharan
...  Legal Advisors
Debajit Changmai
...  Final Mix Engineer
...  VFX & Digital Intermediate
Walter Dorairaj & Dianne Commissariat for B:blunt
...  Hair Design
Shabana Latif
...  Make up Design
  • ETC Bollywood Business Awards - Most Popular First look of the Film
    Don 2
  • Filmfare Awards - Best Action
    Matthias Barsch
  • Filmfare Awards - Best Sound Design
    Nakul Kamte
  • Lions Gold Awards - Favourite Actor in Leading Role
    Shah Rukh Khan
  • Lions Gold Awards - Favourite Actress in Leading Role
    Priyanka Chopra
  • National Media Network Film & TV Awards - Best Director
    Farhan Akhtar
  • Producers Guild Film Awards - Best Entertainer of the Year (Male)
    Shah Rukh Khan
  • Producers Guild Film Awards - Best Entertainer of the Year (Female)
    Priyanka Chopra
  • Screen Awards - Best Actor (popular Choice)
    Shah Rukh Khan
  • Screen Awards - Jodi No.1
    Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra
  • Zee Cine Awards - Critics Award for Best Actor (Male)
    Shah Rukh Khan

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